Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement – Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) is a B2B marketing automation tool that helps marketers identify which prospects are most likely to convert into customers. The platform is fully loaded with features designed to help companies create meaningful relationships and empower sales teams to close more deals.

In our guide, we cover what MCAE is, what it does, who can benefit most from it, how much it costs to implement, and more.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Pardot is a Salesforce marketing automation platform designed to empower companies to generate and nurture leads. Pardot, recently renamed Marketing Cloud Account Management, is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool. With it, your team can track communications with contacts, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, automate tasks, build workflows, personalize content, and much more.

B2b Marketing Automation Platform

In short, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE) helps you effectively communicate with the right people at the right time using their preferred methods. It uses all your lead information in Salesforce, collected through forms, campaigns, and interactions with your business across multiple platforms.

If you already have Salesforce and your business is primarily B2B, consider syncing MCAE with your CRM to “drive demand and build relationships.”

The name change is part of Salesforce’s “MC Easy” initiative to make all Marketing Cloud products more consistent, unified and easier to understand. While “Interacting with Marketing Cloud Accounts” may sound like a big name, Salesforce believes the name change better reflects what the software is and what it does.

Pardot isn’t the only platform getting an update. Here are other name changes that Salesforce has already implemented:

What Is Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

The functionality, pricing, packaging and features of these products are not yet affected. Salesforce hopes these naming changes will provide greater consistency across multiple platforms and “speak the customer’s language.”

In the past, Pardot was typically associated with B2B users, while Marketing Cloud was considered more of a B2C product. Now Salesforce is trying to bridge that gap and encourage companies to use MCAE and Marketing Cloud together. However, rather than categorizing users this way, Salesforce insists that B2C and B2B users can and should use both MCAE and Marketing Cloud platforms simultaneously. Instead of dividing users into one category or another, Salesforce insists that B2C and B2B users can and should use both platforms.

Let’s dive into everything Marketing Cloud Account Engagement has to offer. Some of these are the same as Marketing Cloud Engagement, while other features are unique to MCAE.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Attract high-quality leads and send them to all the right places using landing pages, forms, social connectors and search tools.

Marketing Cloud Engagement, Account Engagement & Sales Cloud: 3 Use Cases For Combining All 3

Score potential customers based on how they interact with your business—even across multiple products or business units. You can also rate them based on how well they match your ideal customer or target audience.

By combining scoring and lead ranking, you can identify the most in-demand leads that your sales team will target next.

You can set up multiple automation rules to run different tasks on autopilot. Automatically deliver personalized messages and dynamic content by pulling data from your Salesforce CRM system. MCAE can also automatically score leads, segment lists, and customize campaigns using integrated marketing tools.

Create effective and engaging email campaigns that deliver personalized content to different audiences and audience segments. Nurture leads and increase engagement and conversion by sending targeted offers and creating automated workflows. You can also run A/B tests to see what works best with your audience.

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