Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing – According to Statista, CMOs are increasing the budget they allocate to digital marketing and decreasing their traditional marketing budgets every year. From February 22 to September 22, digital marketing spend increased by 15%, while traditional marketing spend decreased by 0.7%.

Although COVID-19 has had a major impact on digital marketing spend, the decline in traditional marketing spend is nothing new. So can digital marketing replace traditional marketing? Let’s first define the different types of marketing, then discuss the pros and cons to fully understand whether digital is replacing traditional marketing.

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion and sale of products or services through technologies such as digital messaging and the internet. With the invention of mobile phones and personal computers, people began to spend more time on the internet. So, with digital marketing, companies try to show their company’s presence in online media. This could be through optimizing websites, paying for ads, or engaging with social media.

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Traditional marketing, on the other hand, uses non-digital methods to market to consumers. This includes physical media and can be through billboards, print media, word of mouth, mail or broadcast.

Because digital marketing is highly targetable, your ads reach the right people at the right time.

Traditional marketing is more expensive because your ads are usually targeted to audiences. Moreover, advertising space is limited to radio programs, billboards and newspapers. Therefore, prices can easily increase as companies compete for space.

Any marketer can easily start digital marketing. Additionally, major advertisers like Google and Facebook (parent company Meta) are helping marketers learn and use their platforms.

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Traditional media, on the other hand, is not easily accessible and understandable. Marketers need to find networks, radio stations, and billboard companies to advertise on.

Digital marketing can also be easily measured. Many advertising platforms allow you to use links to track traffic or call tracking numbers. Moreover, platforms like Google Analytics make it easy to report and understand your website traffic. At WolfPack, we even have a Lead Center to view all leads, automatically categorize lead sources, and track total ROI.

Traditional media can be really hard to keep track of because most forms don’t allow customers to easily click or search. Instead, consumers need to remember the ad.

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

With digital marketing, you can quickly tell if an ad or form of marketing is getting good customer feedback. Compared to traditional media, it can take time to understand whether your customer resonates with your advertising or marketing activities.

Tools For Digital Marketing

Due to the new interest of the digital world, this field is constantly changing and developing, allowing it to reach a wider audience. These changes allow new companies to outshine more experienced competitors who may not be updating their marketing strategies with the times.

Digital marketing strategies allow you to get your product or service in front of a new generation of buyers who consume most of their content online. These tools are more relevant and relatable to these consumers, who will continue to shop for years to come.

There are still people who do not go online or do not trust online advertising. Instead, this group is accustomed to reading newspapers, checking the mail, or looking at outdoor advertisements. Depending on the age of your target audience, this is important to keep in mind.

Communities and cities can be easily targeted with traditional marketing through newspapers, radio, and billboards. People spend a lot of time in their cars traveling to and from different places. That’s why traditional marketing makes sense to reach local consumers in vehicles.

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Traditional marketing is associated with big budgets and big companies. Therefore, these ads are generally considered to be more trustworthy because digital marketing is more accessible. This helps increase conversions, word of mouth, and reputation.

In the digital realm, consumers can mark an email as spam, block callers, use ad blockers or skip ads while browsing the web. In contrast, consumers cannot ignore the traditional because they have to pick up their mail, listen to the radio, and see billboards while driving on the roads.

So can digital marketing replace traditional marketing? Although CMOs spend more on digital media compared to traditional media, the answer is not that simple.

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing, with all its advantages, still maintains its place in today’s world. In fact, using a different form of marketing and reaching a customer is seen as a positive thing by many marketing professionals because reaching the same customer through different mediums helps the brand become known.

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Traditional marketing is relied upon by many people, is hard to ignore, easily targets locals, and targets people when they are not on their devices.

Companies should focus more on digital marketing, but traditional marketing should be used in conjunction with digital tools for the effectiveness of the overall marketing strategy. Every time our prospects and customers ask us, “What is the difference between growth hacking (marketing)?” ) and traditional marketing?”

I understand the need to know the difference. You need to know this because the future of your business depends on this information.

At GrowForce we only offer Growth Marketing Services and Training (Academy). But the truth is, this may not be the best fit for you. In fact, traditional marketing may be a better option.

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This article will explain the nature of the two marketing approaches in an honest and transparent manner.

If you don’t know, you can watch this short video or read our detailed article about growth marketing.

I’m happy to write this because I worked as a business copywriter for a global marketing firm (J.Walter Thompson) for three years. So I have experienced both processes first hand.

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

There is a 100 year difference between these two. So let’s start from the beginning and understand why they exist in the first place.

Sap Analytics Cloud Dashboard To Asses Digital Marketing Campaigns Performance

Traditional marketing responded by following the latest innovations in the 1900s. It has since focused on print, direct mail, radio and video advertising.

The majority of traditional marketing still focuses on print, radio and television advertising and some social media platforms.

Startups need to survive and thrive. However, the thought of combining startup marketing budgets with traditional marketing is impossible.

Thus, companies created innovative solutions that leverage the power of technology and platforms. Find different ways to grow without spending too much money.

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Traditional marketing is great for you if you want to spend a lot and get high visibility on platforms like TV, billboards, city squares or YouTube Masthead.

Traditional agencies always aim to maximize awareness with more creative ideas to attract potential customers. But most of the time they have no idea about the real results.

The nature of traditional platforms does not allow marketers to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. They don’t have the tools to instantly analyze metrics like ROI.

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Also, campaigns last quite long. Most big brands run one or two campaigns throughout the year and that’s it.

What’s The Difference Between Growth Marketing And Digital Marketing?

A growth marketer’s goal can be anything from product development to omni-channel referral campaigns.

The fundamental mindset of growth marketing is experimentation. Growth marketers often use a few small but powerful experiments (also known as hacks).

These are short-term studies (one week to one month) to measure results. The goal is to understand which experiments bring the most conversions to the table.

They may then decide to kill or escalate the experiment. Growth marketers can be creative too, but the growth metric always comes first.

Growth Hacking Vs. Traditional Marketing

So your growth metric isn’t very nice because it’s coming from registrations, not views. This means you didn’t reach the right people and the attempt failed.

Will they stay, buy again, or be happy in the future? This is your or another organization’s responsibility.

Growth marketing has an excellent approach with the pirate funnel. They are responsible for all marketing and customer-related operations.

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Since the initials of the funnel are AAARRR, it is called pirate funnel. Let’s demystify the acronym and briefly touch on the goals at each stage of the funnel.

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Most traditional agencies have their own tactical talent team. They keep creative teams informed by feeding them research, focus groups, interviews and other studies.

What happens if there are limited resources or research? The strategy team will then look at similar campaigns that have been done before and make some predictions.

The strategy department’s approach may be convincing, but the creative team will have the final say.

Many creative directors (heads of the creative team) are obsessed with winning awards at competitions like Cannes Lions. Awards are also great for brands as they mean global recognition and visibility.

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So, when they come up with a potential prize-winning idea, they can easily redirect the business from strategy-focused to fun.

You may have the coolest and smartest ad ever, but your bottom line and profits are not the priority for the creators.

The growth marketer’s north star is data. They will ensure that the business has both feet on the ground and stands up for growth.

Cloud Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

As a result, creative solutions are trivial and leave room for speculation. Additionally, every experiment must be measurable and observable.

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